Jiri Dohnal - walk and talk therapy

in Prague and Kutna Hora

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JDAbout me

I like helping other people. I understand that life can get difficult and that one can completely lose a positive outlook for some time. I have seen people around me being paralyzed by circumstanced and not being able to do anything that would solve their situation.

However, I have a belief, that we hold all the keys towards our future and that we can solve all situations which we experience. Yes, it is very difficult sometimes. And yes, it is possible and realistic to always get better.

Professionally I worked as a business consultant, executive coach, and sales manager. Periodically in my life, I was helping communities and youth groups. In the other half of my life, I decided to concentrate on the profession, which gave me the most satisfaction - helping individuals to find the brighter side of the moon again, or sometime just to be able to take care of themselves and their families.

My approach is based on Gestalt therapy. At the same time, I integrate elements of PCA and the systemic approach. I think that widening my range of interventions results in the greater good of my clients.

As a part of my education, I went through Gestalt psychotherapeutic training at Instep institute. I also took two different coaching trainings with an integrative approach (Gestalt, PCA, Systemic). It taught me to concentrate more on the presence and future than in the past.

I promote the combined effect of psychotherapy, physical exercise, nutrition, and physiotherapy. Our existence is complex and our psyche is bounded to our physical body. We can't seperate one from the other. I encourage my clients to care about their psychic as well as social and physical wellbeing.

I spent most of my life in Czech republic and part of my life in Western Australia and in Rajasthan in India. I love playing music, rock climbing, hiking, kayaking and expeditions.

My education includes:

Psychotherapeutic training - Instep

Coaching trainings - Spolupráce.cz, Vysoká škola aplikované psychologie

Applied psychology - Anglia Ruskin University (two years of study)

MBA - Vysoka skola ekonomie a managementu

Faculty of physical culture - Palacky University.

I work in the Czech and English languages.