Jiri Dohnal - walk and talk therapy

in Prague and Kutna Hora

 therapy & coaching +420 739 239 229 jdohnal@outlook.cz


coachingCoaching is one of the most effective methods of personal growth and development. Coaching is also very effective in finding solutions in highly complex situations.

It is an adventure, where neither coach nor coachee knows what will be the findings.
As the accountability lies on the coachee, the coach, is there to help to maintaint focus, to offer a different perspective and to facilitate the outcome.

Number of coaching sessions needed to solve a probleme or a situation is usually surprisely low. The result often comes during the very first session. However sometime happens, that what appears to be very simple matter at the begining takes few sessions at the end. 

Similar to the therapy, I prefer Walk and Talk approach, as it is effective, energizing and meaningfull. However for business coaching there might be a good reason to sit indoors as we might need notes, charts, drawings or other people at reach. In this case I will accomodate your requirements.